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Hundreds of “incorporation” business reviews are posted every single day, which contribute to the thousands already existing. It’s no wonder business owners can’t sift through the confusion in attempts to make a smart decision, that’s why we are here.

Let real consumers answer some of the questions you need answers to:

  • “What are the most important factors I need to protect my business?”
  • “Which Companies are Legitimate and Reputable?”
  • “How Much will this Process Cost? How long will it take?”
  • “Am I going to have to battle high-pressure salesmen to find the right solution?”

We Took These Important Questions a Step Further

We decided there must be a way to solidify and streamline the entire online incorporation process by straining out the fake reviews and fraudulent businesses to maintain a website with ONLY plausible information that every business needs to know when incorporating, this is the reason Incorporation Reviews has become a #1 resource for businesses.

The Importance of Relevant Reviews

Reviews are generally based upon the emotions of customers and their interpretation of how a given experience compared to their expectations. The keyword in that sentence is “Generally”, if you’ve started to dig into various incorporation business reviews you may have already realized there is a huge percentage of fabricated reviews.

95% of people suspect a company’s reviews are fraudulent when they have no negative scores, unfortunately there are many more deceptive ways reviews are being skewed and consumers just like you, are being taken advantage of.

A few Obvious Red Flags Include:

  • Lack of links or accounts under the reviewer’s name..
  • The review page is a basic template with little or no access to a “contact us” option..
  • Language and profile information being too perfect.

These are minor examples of what can spiral your business in the wrong direction, if you’re not careful. At Incorporation Reviews you don’t have to worry about the legitimacy and sorting process because it’s done for you, and our site is staying up-to- date, around the clock, as reviews pour in.