Welcome to MyUSACorporation.com!

When we founded the company early in 2009 our goal was simple – to make it easier for our fellow entrepreneurs at home and around the world to start their own businesses in the United States.

Rapidly growing, our company has helped over 450 thousand entrepreneurs with their various business filing needs – services as diverse as forming and dissolving their companies, obtaining licenses and tax ID, getting their company documents certified for both domestic and foreign use, and much more. If you haven’t heard of MyUSACorporation, you may have been hiding under a rock, but don’t worry, the following information will cover what you need to know about incorporating through them quickly!

MyUSACorporation has helped over 450K people start and run their business. As a full-service provider, legal zoom offers everything needed to incorporate and protect your business online, such services include but are not limited to:

  • Form a Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • File Your Doing Business As name (DBA)
  • C-Corporation
  • S-Corporation
  • Corporate Supplies
  • Franchise Disclosure Review
  • Business Legal Plan
  • Registered Agent Services
  • Attorney Help

You most likely see what you need on the list above, but if not, keep reading because there is plenty more MyUSACorporation covers. One of the many benefits includes legal advice from attorney’s who specialize in this process. If you didn’t know, most people hire an attorney to handle their legal documents, this can be pricey and confusing, MyUSACorporation lets you handle your legal documents without having to hire your own attorney.

Over 450,000 MyUSACorporation customers have already requested consultation with a network attorney.

MyUSACorporation started offering their legal service products back in 2001, this makes them one of the industry leaders and pioneers for computer-aided legal document processing.

Although their packages appear to be more expensive at first glance, the inclusions are also greater than most of their competitors. Services range from A-Z covering everything needed “where your life meets legal”

Our Prices Beat the Competition

We are proud to be among the leading and at the same time the least expensive incorporation service on the Web. Unlike our competitors, our goal is not to squeeze the maximum amount of fees from our customers. On the contrary, we continually try to improve our operations and achieve maximum efficiency so that we can offer the lowest processing costs and the fastest processing times in the industry.

Some examples of prices offered by our competitors:

  • Order Processing for Incorporation/Forming an LLC
    Our competitor range: depending on a state runs from $69 to over $200!
    Our price? Just $59
  • EIN (Federal Tax ID):
    Our competitors range: $70-$150.
    Our price? Just $49 for 24 hour processing!
  • Order Processing for DBA:
    Our competitors range: $99-$125.
    Our price? Just $69.
  • Order Processing for Name Amendment:
    Our competitors range: $75-$139.
    Our price? Just $69.

We Offer the Greatest Flexibility

MyUSAcorporation offers the lowest prices for all our services, but that’s not all! Unlike our competitors we do not force you to buy all of these services as a part of an expensive package.

In fact, MyUSAcorporation.com does not offer any packages at all. We believe that our customer should have the ultimate flexibility to select the services they need and to choose not to pay for the services that they don’t need. Our web site contains all the information about each individual service to help you make an informed decision and our representatives are always on standby to help you with your questions. 

It’s easy to see why close to 450K customers trust MyUSACorporation for Business incorporation. .